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June is Stroke Awareness Month

June is Stroke Awareness Month

One of the most important messages to share during stroke awareness month is around knowing the signs of stroke. FAST is important to remember.

During the month of June (and all year long), share this message with friends and family to further spread awareness.

Stroke Care

The central zone has a Stroke Steering Committee, working to improve stroke care. This group is guided by the Canadian Stroke Best Practice Recommendations, which identifies best practices across the continuum of care and in all ages and stages of life. To learn more about these best practices, visit www.strokebestpractices.ca.

Recently, 2 Patient Experience Advisors joined the steering committee, ensuring that we have voices of those living with stroke, and those supporting a loved one who has had a stroke as we work to enhance stroke care.


Heart and Stroke has a wealth of resources for patients and caregivers on their website.  They also highlight many patient stories, which also helps bring the patient perspective into the work that we do.

Please click here to read the story of Megan, who had very high blood pressure during her pregnancy.

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